Episode 996: October New Music – Bootsy Collins, Kevin Morby, Great Peacock, Death Valley Girls, Starbenders and More




November 27, 2020


  • Great Peacock “Dissatisfaction” Forever Worse Better (Self-Released) 2020
  • Starbenders “Can’t Cheat Time” Love Potions (Sumerian Records) 2020
  • The Screaming Jets “Helping Hand” Rock On (Bloodlines) 2020
  • Bootsy Collins “WantMe2Stay” The Power of the One (Sweetwater Sounds) 2020
  • Death Valley Girls “The Universe” Under the Spell of Joy (Suicide Squeeze Records) 2020
  • Kevin Morby “Sundowner” Sundowner (Dead Oceans) 2020
  • Squirrel Flower “Explain It To Me” Explain It To Me / Chicago (Polyvinyl Records) 2020
  • John Mellencamp “Minutes To Memories” Rough Harvest (Def Jam West) 2005


We conclude October listener new music picks with two more calls! Walt Falconer leaves a message from the Falcon’s Nest with his new favorites by Great Peacock, Starbenders, Screaming Jets and Bootsy Collins. Vasant Ramamurthy digs Death Valley Girls, Kevin Morby and Squirrel Flower.

Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo of Death Valley Girls by David Fearn (www.davidfearn.com) for Riot Act Media.

For your viewing pleasure…

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