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SUBURBS OF WASHINGTON D.C., DEC. 3 — In the annals of (albeit relatively brief) podcasting history, few shows ever reach the hallowed 1,000 mark. One podcast, Rockin’ the Suburbs, (hosted by Jim Lenahan and Patrick Foster) reached that improbable milestone today.

Begun on a cold winter evening in 1020, (also the year King Canute the Great codified the laws of England) the music discovery and discussion podcast celebrates its 1,000th anniversary today by releasing an interview with Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen. To further honor this rare achievement, the hosts have put together a Spotify playlist containing 1,000 songs.

Sources close to the hosts (who declined to be identified because they were unauthorized to speak publicly) confirm that Lenahan and Foster contributed 500 songs each.

This reporter suggests you pop the top on a cold beverage and listen to the FULL playlist on Spotify right now.

— Norby Blanch

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