Episode 1012: Daniel Romano’s 11 releases of 2020




December 21, 2020


  • Daniel Romano “Lilac About They Crown” Visions of the Higher Dream (Self-Released) 2020
  • Daniel Romano “They Haven’t Got a Word for That Yet” Content to Point the Way (Self-Released) 2020
  • Daniel Romano’s Outfit Feat. Danny Carey “Forever Love’s Fool (Feat. Danny Carey)” Forever Love’s Fool (Self-Released) 2020
  • spider bite “Hospitals and Graveyards” Spider Bite (You’ve Changed Records) 2020
  • Daniel Romano “The Patience of a Kiss” Dandelion (You’ve Changed Records) 2020
  • Daniel Romano “First Yoke” How Ill Thy World Is Ordered (You’ve Changed Records) 2020
  • Daniel Romano “I’m Only Love” White Flag (You’ve Changed Records) 2020


Patron, friend and vinyl junkie Scott Parks shares with us an artist that you should add to your radar: Daniel Romano. You may have heard his music on the pod before. He’s a Canadian singer-songwriter and visual artist that has been VERY busy during lockdown.

You can follow Daniel Romano’s music on Bandcamp: https://danielromano.bandcamp.com/

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Where credit is due: Press photo of Daniel Romano by Cotey Pope, courtesy of New West Records.

For your viewing pleasure…

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