Episode 1307: January New Music – Fontaines D.C., Wombats, Kae Tempest, Cat Power




February 16, 2022


  • Kae Tempest “More Pressure (ft. Kevin Abstract)” The Line Is A Curve (American Recordings / Republic Records) 2022
  • Fontaines D.C. “Jackie Down The Line” Skinty Fia (PTKF) 2022
  • The Wombats “This Car Drives All By Itself” Fix Yourself, Not the World (Self-Released) 2022
  • Cat Power “These Days” Covers (Domino Recording Co.) 2022


The January ’22 ‘new music’ train keeps chugging along, with picks by listeners Liam McIndoe and Jason Goebel.

For your viewing pleasure…

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