Episode 1383: May New Music Mini-Blast, Part 1




June 10, 2022


  • Moon Tooth “I Revere” Phototroph (Pure Noise) 2022
  • Chris Bathgate “Bruises” The Significance of Peaches (Quite Scientific) 2022
  • Soft Cell “Happy Happy Happy” *Happiness Not Included (BMG) 2022
  • Chappell Roan “My Kink is Karma” My Kink is Karma (Atlantic) 2022
  • Jens Lekman “Postcard to Nina” The Linden Trees Are Still in Blossom (Secretly Canadian) 2022
  • Jens Lekman “The Linden Trees Are Still in Blossom” The Linden Trees Are Still in Blossom (Secretly Canadian) 2022


Last month, we served up the April New Music Mega-Blast and this month, we’re back with new music picks from May, this time with a twist. 

We’re trying out Mini-Blasts this month, groups of two or three calls from our community mixed together. Jim and Patrick cap off the series with a Mini-Blast of their own. 

To kick things off, here’s part one, featuring Steve Routledge, Roger Grace and Scott Parks. They chose music from Moon Tooth, Chris Bathgate, Soft Cell, Chappell Roan and Jens Lekman

For your viewing pleasure courtesy of Roger Grace…

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