Episode 1623: Woodmoorstock Rocks the Suburbs




May 31, 2023


  • Dot Dash “Tense & Nervous” Madman in the Rain (Beautiful Music) 2022
  • Sleeping On Saturn “Missiles and Hopes” Iapetus (Montrose Mongoose) 2022
  • Fly The Coop “The Littlest Birds” 2019
  • Dear Daria “Dopamachine” Can I Be Frank? (Self-Released) 2022
  • Frog Hammer “Scotch Cap”
  • The Heavy Editors “Remember” Remember (Self-Released) 2022
  • Black Shag Sherpas “Grounder” Live EP (Self-Released) 2016
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young “Woodstock” Déjà Vu (Atlantic Records) 1970


Jim and Patrick interview Brad Brown and Rob Runyan, organizers of the WOODMOORstock porch festival in Silver Spring, Maryland. On June 10th, 55 bands will play at the festival for FREE. We’ll also be doing some live podcasting at the event. 😎

More info about Woodmoorstock: facebook.com/woodmoorstock or @woodmoorstock on Instagram.

For your viewing pleasure…

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