Episode 1800: Michael Shannon Sings R.E.M. – A Concert Report




February 13, 2024


  • Michael Shannon “White Lightning” George & Tammy (Original Series Soundtrack) (Masterworks/Sony) 2022


Kevin Goff & Jim recently went to go see actor Michael Shannon… and not in a play. It was way better than that. He sang R.E.M. songs & had a backing band ft. Jason Narducy and Jon Wurster.

For your viewing pleasure…

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One Reply to “Episode 1800: Michael Shannon Sings R.E.M. – A Concert Report”

  1. Gray Lovrien

    Michael Stipe photographed Michael Shannon several years ago for a magazine feature. They met in Berlin in @ 2016. Mike Mills is good friends with Jason Narducy and that is how Shannon got to know him. Shannon went down day before the Athens concert and that is what he
    was referencing. Shannon may have even traveled from NYC to Athens w/ Stipe where they discussed. I think what was interesting is these kind of tours are not that profitable. The guys may walk away with maybe 20,000 a piece for a nine day show, maybe when you put in all the costs of travel, meals, lodging..so ultimately they did it for the love of the music. Shannon can make 100 times that in film and television. He loves music. Would have touched on that. Have seen the tour including the original Chicago night that kicked off the idea. Jason Narducy put together a great band. Stipe cant perform because he has no singing voice. That was evident in 2012 when he joined Chris Martin onstage. He is a chronic chain smoker, like Michael Shannon. Cant believe Shannon’s voice is holding up this well playing consecutive nights…..

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