Episode 1896: Exploring the Music of Del Amitri, Part Three




June 28, 2024


All songs released by Del Amitri.

  • “Not Where It’s At” Some Other Sucker’s Parade (A&M) 1997
  • “Won’t Make It Better” Some Other Sucker’s Parade (A&M) 1997
  • “Through All That Nothing” Some Other Sucker’s Parade (A&M) 1997
  • “Jesus Saves” Can You Do Me Good? (Mercury/A&M) 2002 
  • “You Can’t Go Back” Fatal Mistakes (Cooking Vinyl) 2021
  • “All Hail Blind Love” Fatal Mistakes (Cooking Vinyl) 2021
  • “Losing the Will to Die” Fatal Mistakes (Cooking Vinyl) 2021
  • “Whiskey Remorse” Be My Downfall EP (A&M) 1992 
  • “Scared to Live” Spit in the Rain EP (A&M) 1990 
  •  “It’s Feelings” Fatal Mistakes (Cooking Vinyl) 2021


Steven Routledge, Justin Steiner and Kevin Clement wrap up their series on the music of Del Amitri with three great albums.

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