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  • Episode 168: Back to School

    Jim & Patrick go back to school, musically. They play and discuss a couple of songs for the kids.

  • Episode 167: New Music Roundup: August ’17

    Get ready to rawk! Jim & Patrick have five relatively new songs coming at you. By House and Land, the Moonlandingz, A Giant Dog, Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, and Sarah Jarosz.

  • Episode 166: Live on Letterman

    We remember the music of David Letterman's late-night shows. Because it's the anniversary of the debut of CBS' "Late Show." And because Dave just made a deal with Netflix. But really just because we love David Letterman.

  • Episode 165: Yacht or Nyacht? ™

    JD Ryznar makes a triumphant return visit, via Skype, this time to play a little game of Yacht or Nyacht? (intellectual property of "Beyond Yacht Rock"). Greg Wilson fills in for Patrick as cohost.

  • Don’t fear the reaper, but do fear drunk girls with hammers

    What do an ice storm, a hammer and "Don't Fear the Reaper" have in common? Well, we can laugh about it now...

  • Episode 164: Yacht Rock

    JD Ryznar from the "Beyond Yacht Rock" podcast joins the show to talk about the jazz-rock blend, popularized in the late '70s and early '80s. Are you ready to set sail for new musical horizons? Greg Wilson fills in as cohost for Patrick.

  • Episode 163: Fan Mail Friday: Aug. 25, 2017

    It's Fan Mail Friday! Live from Greg Wilson's Tiki Bar! We answer your correspondence and play songs by the Rubinoos, the Attractions, U2 with B.B. King, and the Members.

  • Episode 162: Throwback Thursday

    We didn't invent Throwback Thursday, but we may have perfected it. Enjoy some stories of music and youth from Jim & Patrick, plus Greg Wilson, Brandi Crawford and Jim's wife, Katy. Live from the Wilson Tiki House!

  • Episode 161: Roger Waters Concert

    Brandi Crawford joins the show to discuss a recent Roger Waters concert she attended. The tour has been in the news lately because of its pointed political commentary.

  • Spider-Man snares John Hughes in his web

    "Spider-Man: Homecoming" is at its core a high school movie. And the soundtrack contains a nod to the King of High School Movies, John Hughes.


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