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  • Episode 134: Dead and Co., second set with Justin Gay

    How music can move you: Our friend Justin Gay experienced it first-hand at a recent Dead & Company show.

  • Episode 133: Fan Mail Friday 10

    It's not just any Friday, it's Fan Mail Friday! With celebrity guest Ryan Sholin! We answer your calls and letters. Featuring songs by Laura Branigan, Glen Campbell, Superchunk, the Records and more!

  • Episode 132: Less Talk, More Rock II

    It's the return of the parlor game that's sweeping the nation. It's Less Talk More Rock, wherein we quickly set up a song, play it and respond to it. Who knows what you might hear? With guest star Ryan Sholin!

  • Episode 131: Workin’ at the record store

    Ryan Week continues with Tales from the Record Store. Peaches Records & Tapes, to be specific.

  • Episode 130: Old school hip hop

    Our friend Ryan Sholin joins to talk about how he fell in love with hip-hop as a kid growing up in the Miami area. Sugarhill Gang. Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, J.J. Fad — we're kickin' it old school today.

  • Epsiode 129: Dead and Company, first set with Rob Gates

    Our friend Rob Gates, a longtime Deadhead, went to see the latest incarnation of the band, called Dead & Company. Here is his report, including lots of talk about how pop singer and guitarist John Mayer fits into group.

  • Episode 128: Perfect Pop – Michael Jackson, The Mamas & the Papas

    Every party eventually comes to an end. And so it goes with the Rockin' the Suburbs Deck Party. We conclude with two more Perfect Pop picks, including a repeat selection! Brett Motiff goes with Michael Jackson, while Bud Verge chooses a classic by the Mamas & the Papas.

  • Episode 127: Perfect Pop – The Pretenders, B-52’s

    It's a backyard Zima party! And yet we talk about perfect pop songs from the pre-brewed citrus beverage era. Kevin Goff picks the Pretenders. Bill Horne favors the B-52's. Cheers!

  • Episode 126: U2 in concert

    Our friend Brett Motiff went to see U2 in D.C. And Bill Horne saw U2 at Bonnaroo. And Kevin Goff was about to see U2 in New York. We talk to all of them, as part of our weeklong deck party in the suburbs.

  • Episode 125: Running songs

    Some of us just ran a 4-mile race. And that's the perfect opportunity to discuss music as workout motivation. Featuring special guests Bud Verge, Brett Motiff and Bill Horne.


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