Episode 1546: American Band Madness Update: Region A First-Round Winners!

Scott Parks and Bud Verge join Jim & Patrick to analyze the results of the first eight matchups in the American Band Madness tournament.

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  • Thumbnail for Episode 127: Perfect Pop – The Pretenders, B-52’s

    Episode 127: Perfect Pop – The Pretenders, B-52’s

    It’s a backyard Zima party! And yet we talk about perfect pop songs from the pre-brewed citrus beverage era. Kevin Goff picks the Pretenders. Bill Horne favors the B-52’s. Cheers!

  • Thumbnail for Episode 126: U2 in concert

    Episode 126: U2 in concert

    Our friend Brett Motiff went to see U2 in D.C. And Bill Horne saw U2 at Bonnaroo. And Kevin Goff was about to see U2 in New York. We talk to all of them, as part of our weeklong deck party in the suburbs.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 125: Running songs

    Episode 125: Running songs

    Some of us just ran a 4-mile race. And that’s the perfect opportunity to discuss music as workout motivation. Featuring special guests Bud Verge, Brett Motiff and Bill Horne.