Episode 127: Perfect Pop – The Pretenders, B-52’s




July 6, 2017


  • The Pretenders “Back on the Chain Gang” Real/Sire single, 1982
  • B-52’s “Rock Lobster” The B-52’s (Warner Bros.) 1979
  • The Zima Medley: Ghostface Killah “Mighty Healthy”/Mac Miller feat. Tyler the Creator “O.K.” /Deep Puddle Dynamics “Rainmen”/The Vandals “Lord of the Dance”/Bloodhound Gang “Pennsylvania”


This is Kevin Goff’s sixth appearance on RTS. But he pops up everywhere, ya know.

“Back on the Chain Gang” was the first record released by The Pretenders after the deaths of bassist Pete Farndon and guitarist James Honeyman-Scott. Rockpile guitarist Billy Bremner and Big Country bassist Tony Butler stepped in to play on the record.

This is Bill Horne’s third appearance on Rockin’ the Suburbs. He runs, likes U2 and went to Bonnaroo.

The first version of “Rock Lobster” was released on Georgia indie label DB Records in May of 1978, more than a year before the B-52’s debut album was released in July of 1979. It was longer than the more well-known version and the back cover of the single looks like this:

This is Brett Motiff’s third appearance on Rockin’ the Suburbs. #6 for Bud Verge. He might be the on-course leader.

This guy drank a six-pack of Zima and then wrote about it. Hilarity (sort of) ensues.

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