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  • Episode 791: 2019 Favorites (Late Entries) – Minus 5, Dollyrots, Munimuni, Michaela Anne

    We feature some stragglers to the 2019 listener favorites series. Kevin Clement likes Dollyrots and Michaela Anne, Craig Rosen talks up Minus 5, and Jay Ignacio tells a touching story about the music of Philippines' Munimuni. (Kevin Goff fills in for Patrick.)

  • Episode 515: 2018 Favorites – Janelle Monáe, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

    Craig Rosen of the suburbs of Los Angeles calls in to tell us about his favorite albums of 2018 (he includes a top 10 countdown), with Janelle Monáe's "Dirty Computer" in the top spot. And Jay Ignacio of the suburbs of Louisville tells us how he connected with the soundtrack to "Crazy Rich Asians."

  • Episode 462: Tom Petty Promoter, Part 1

    It's been a year since Tom Petty died. We honor his legacy with an interview we conducted shortly after that tragic event. Record promoter Jon Scott played an important role in bringing Petty's music to the world. On this episode, he talks about getting into the record industry and a lesson he learned while promoting a Johnny Cougar album.

  • Episode 327: Guest Shot – L7 Threatened to Blow up my Toilet

    Craig Rosen sticks around to guest host a second episode. (Spring Break continues for Jim and Patrick.) Here, he tells his much-anticipated L7 story.

  • Episode 326: Guest Shot – ‘… reporters baffled, trumped …’

    Craig Rosen of the suburbs of Los Angeles fills in today as Jim and Patrick take off for Spring Break. Craig has a lot to talk about, including his dog's broken toe, the back story on Portugal. The Man and R.E.M. lyrics, deciphered.

  • Episode 159: Perfect Pop: Buzzcocks

    Music journalist Craig Rosen fills in today and wraps up Summer Break with a Perfect Pop selection. Craig talks up one of his favorite bands, the Buzzcocks. (Jim and Patrick will return tomorrow.)

  • Episode 119: Fan Mail Friday 9

    We cull through the mounds of emails and social medias from the listeners and pick out a few choice comments. What other show covers air drumming, a lost record collection, whether Dan Auerbach copied another artist, a train to Toronto, Revolution Summer, Wyoming "bourbon," Zima and Styx?

  • Episode 109: Fan Mail Friday: June 9, 2017

    The fans email us. And hit us up on the social medias and so on. And then we collect a batch and respond to the comments over some drinks. This week, featuring songs by Hoops, the Replacements, the Clash, Chris Cornell, the Shins, the Damned and the B-52's.


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