Episode 1886: Country Story Songs Chapter 5: ‘El Paso’ and ‘Poncho and Lefty’’

Kevin Clement and Patrick put the lid on Country Story Songs Week (for now) with two classics of the genre: Marty Robbins doing “El Paso” and Townes Van Zandt’s original version of “Pancho and Lefty.”

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    Episode 586: Live Show – Don Zientara, Part 1

    Welcome Don Zientara, famous producer of DC punk bands (Fugazi, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, etc.) and a singer-songwriter in his own right. In this live show — recorded as part of Alex Vidales’ DC Podfest live podcast series at Spaces in Chevy Chase MD — Don talks about how he got his Inner Ear Studio off the ground. Don also plays two songs at the end of the episode: “So Long” and “Easter Morning Prayer.”

  • Thumbnail for Episode 476: Washington DC Rocks!

    Episode 476: Washington DC Rocks!

    We vote for the nation’s capital as having one of the best local music scenes. Recorded at DC Podfest, this episode features Alex Vidales of radio show “StageCraft,” who talks about four bands to know: Heavy Breathing, Luna Honey, the NRIs and Lightmare.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 475: ‘StageCraft’

    Episode 475: ‘StageCraft’

    Jim went to DC Podfest, where he talked with Alex Vidales, cohost of ‘StageCraft,’ a music interview program.