Episode 586: Live Show – Don Zientara, Part 1




April 24, 2019


  • The Teen Idles “Sneakers” Minor Disturbance (Dischord Records) 1980
  • Minor Threat “Straight Edge” Minor Threat (Dischord Records) 1981
  • Bad Brains “Don’t Bother Me” Black Dots (Caroline Records) 1996
  • Minor Threat “Steppin’ Stone” In My Eyes (Dischord Records) 1981
  • Don Zientara “So Long (Happy Trails) (Live)”
  • Don Zientara “Easter Morning Prayer (Live)”


Producer Don Zientara, a legend in the DC punk scene, joins Rockin’ the Suburbs as a part of the DC Podfest live podcast series by Alex Vidales (you may remember him from episodes 475 and 476 of the show).

In today’s episode, Don tells shares the story of getting his production space, Inner Ear Studios, up and running. He even plays two songs for us!

Learn more about Inner Ear Studio at innerearstudio.com.

Listen to Don Zientara and Alex Vidales’ “StageCraft” radio show at mixcloud.com/StageCraft.

For your viewing pleasure…


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