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    Episode 952: Kiss – Debut Album

    Kiss Week concludes with a discussion of the band’s 1974 self-titled debut. Special guest cohost Tom Neuerburg joins Patrick.

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    Episode 951: Kiss – ‘Rock and Roll Over’

    Calling Dr. Kohli. That’s listener Mike Kohli, who joins Patrick (and not Jim) to discuss 1976’s “Rock and Roll Over” album. As Kiss Week continues.

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    Episode 950: Kiss – ‘Love Gun’

    Patrick continues his exploration of classic Kiss albums. Today’s episode focuses on 1977’s “Love Gun.”

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    Episode 949: Kiss – ‘Destroyer’

    Day 2 of Kiss Week. Scott Boyken joins Patrick to discuss 1976’s “Destroyer.”

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    Episode 948: Kiss – ‘Alive’

    Patrick guides a discussion of classic Kiss albums while Jim takes a week off (convenient that way). Today, Dave Bishop (aka The Bish) joins to talk about the band’s big breakthrough, “Alive.”