Episode 1579: Concerts in College Basketball Arenas

Patrick digs out some ticket stubs to shows he saw in college basketball arenas, including Live, 98 Degrees, Atoms for Peace and more!

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    Episode 1466: Jim’s Heavy Music Primer: Part 2

    Steven Routledge prepared a “heavy music primer” playlist for Jim recently and he joined the pod to discuss his choices. We work through the second half of that playlist today. Punch the air, peoples!

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    Episode 42: Thin Lizzy!

    Bobby Week continues, and our friend Mr. Padavick has been eager to talk about the greatness of Thin Lizzy for a long time.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 41: Drums and marriage

    Episode 41: Drums and marriage

    Our good friend Bobby Padavick makes his first appearance on Rockin’ the Suburbs. (Some of you may recall Bobby as the drummer from Night Streets.) But even better, Bobby’s wife Renee also joins in the fun. And she’s a drummer too! They talk about their musical influences on each other.