Episode 41: Drums and marriage




March 6, 2017


  • Ramones – “Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio” End of the Century (Sire) 1980
  • Wild Fruit – “Barn Burner” Boisterous Mirth Records single, 2013
  • Fugazi – “Cash Out” The Argument (Dischord) 2001
  • Night Streets – “Night Streets” Night Streets EP (Boisterous Mirth) 2014


This is Bobby Padavick’s first appearance on the pod, as well as his wife’s Renee’s first time on the show.

Fugazi is on a mission to upload all 800 of their known extant live show recordings to a website where you can download them for a small fee. Amazing. 

That time Phil Spector produced a Ramones album.

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