Episode 40: Perfect pop – part one




March 3, 2017


  • Lou Reed “Perfect Day” Transformer (RCA) 1972
  • The La’s “There She Goes” The La’s (London/Go! Discs) 1990
  • Animal Collective “Who Could Win A Rabbit” Sung Tongs (Fat Cat) 2004


THE MORAL OF THIS PODCAST IS (are you listening, Patrick?): Do NOT record a podcast when you have bronchitis and most very certainly do NOT record a podcast after drinking both beer and cough syrup while you have bronchitis. The outtakes say it all.

But seriously, the story of Lee Mavers of the La’s is really fascinating. So good that one man wrote a book about itĀ , a tale of “studio-perfectionism, madness and drug addiction” in which author MW Macefield “sets out to discover the truth behind Maversā€™ lost decade and eventually gains a revelatory audience with Mavers himself.” (According to Amazon, anyway.)

Here’s Lee Mavers singing “There She Goes” with some of the houseĀ band on Letterman in 1991:


Then there was that one time Patrick wrote about Animal Collective. He didn’t have bronchitis then.

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