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  • Episode 968: Guest Episode – New Orleans: Lost Scene, Nobody’s Fault

    Nate Scott of "The Sneak" fills in for Jim and Patrick and explores the shoulda-been music scene of New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina. Featuring: MyNameIsJohnMichael, Caddywhompus, Fatter Than Albert, Sun Hotel, KG Accidental, ArchAnimals, Givers, Donovan Wolfington, Native America, Pope and Cardinal Sons.

  • Episode 784: Crime Songs

    Our friend Nate Scott, co-producer of true crime podcast "The Sneak," joins just to talk about criminal activity in music.

  • Episode 778: 2019 Favorites – Soccer Mommy, PUP, Anyway Gang, Ringout!

    Nate Scott, producer of The Sneak podcast, joins Jim and Patrick in the basement and shares his pick for favorite music of 2019: PUP. And we take two listener calls. Intern Matt Windeler talks about Anyway Gang, and BJ Bonin discusses Soccer Mommy and Ringout! Plus, we open a box from NoLa Zac.

  • Episode 153: Dennis Sager of Bent Denim, ArchAnimals

    Nate Scott closes out his guest hosting stint with an conversation with Dennis Sager of Bent Denim. Nate considers Dennis' former band ArchAnimals among the all-time great indie bands, up there with Radiohead.

  • Episode 152: Alex Tebeleff of Paperhaus

    Guest host Nate Scott chats with Alex Tebeleff of D.C indie band Paperhaus (and a former performance space of the same name).

  • Episode 151: All Things Go (Festival, Blog)

    Guest host Nate Scott talks with Zack Friendly of All Things Go about what goes into planning a music festival, co-founding a indie website/blog and trying to keep up with the huge volume of new music available today.

  • Episode 150: Alex Anderson of Loud Boyz

    Nate Scott continues his guest hosting stint. Today, he chats with Alex Anderson of D.C punk band Loud Boyz. The band's latest is "Party in the USA," a four-song 7-inch released in March.

  • Episode 149: Linkin Park and Nu Metal

    Nate Scott guest hosts while Jim & Patrick are on vacation. Nate is a journalist, a big music fan, a newlywed and an all-around great guy. In this episode, he talks with writer Evan McGarvey about the legacy of Chester Bennington and Linkin Park — and that angsty subgenre called nu metal.

  • Episode 65: Perfect Pop with Nate Scott (and Songs: Ohia)

    Our Perfect Pop series continues, as guest Nate Scott makes a pick. He goes with a tune by Songs: Ohia. You'll love it (because it's perfect). Plus, Jim and Patrick play other selections from Nate's playlist of "perfect songs."

  • Episode 64: Television’s ‘Marquee Moon’

    We missed the 40th anniversary of a great, great album by about two months. But Television's "Marquee Moon" is so great that we couldn't go without commenting on it. (Nate Scott Week, featuring Nate Scott, continues.)


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