Episode 968: Guest Episode – New Orleans: Lost Scene, Nobody’s Fault




October 19, 2020


  • G-Eazy “Every Night of the Year” Everything’s Strange Here (RCA) 2020
  • MyNameIsJohnMichael “Every Night of the Year” The People That Come and Go (Self-Released) 2009
  • Fatter Than Albert “Not Tonight” Erin’s Runaway Imagination (Self-Released) 2006
  • Caddywhompus “This Is Where We Blaze the Nuggz” Eps (Self-Released) 2009
  • Sun Hotel “Honey” Team Spirit (Chinquapin Records) 2010
  • GIVERS “Up Up Up” In Light (AWAL) 2010
  • Donovan Wolfington “Keef Ripper” Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark (Topshelf Records) 2014
  • Native America “Like a Dream” Grown Up Wrong (Posh Rocket) 2014
  • Cardinal Sons “October Rolls” Cardinal Sons Make an EP (Self-Released) 2012
  • Pope “Let Down” Fiction (Community Records) 2015
  • Lumineers “Ho Hey” The Lumineers (Dualtone, Decca, Dine Alone) 2012
  • Sun Hotel “Suburb” Coast (Chinquapin Records) 2016
  • Donovan Wolfington “Die Alone” Stop Breathing (Broken World Media) 2013
  • Caddywhompus “Entitled” Feathering a Nest (Community Records) 2014


Jim and Patrick take a day-off and hand the hosting reigns over to veteran podcaster, Nate Scott. Nate explores the shoulda-been music scene of New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina. Featuring MyNameIsJohnMichael, Caddywhompus, Fatter Than Albert, Sun Hotel, KG Accidental, ArchAnimals, Givers, Donovan Wolfington, Native America, Pope and Cardinal Sons.

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