Episode 56: Rockin’ the French Horn




March 27, 2017


  • The Who “Overture” Tommy (Decca) 1969
  • The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” Let It Bleed (London) 1969
  • Neil Young “After the Gold Rush” After the Gold Rush (Reprise) 1970


This is Dan Gursky’s first appearance on RTS. Same goes for Kevin Goff.

This article here claims to be “The absolute definitive list of the greatest rock n roll French horn” and who are we to argue?

And there’s supposed to be French Horn on this, but no one at Suburbs Pod HQ could really hear it:

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5 Replies to “Episode 56: Rockin’ the French Horn”

  1. Jeff Perry

    Love the podcast, it’s just the perfect length, usually, for my drive to work.

    One thing, though. Al Kooper played on Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” but he was inexperienced at the time on organ. He had come to play guitar but after Mike Bloomfield showed up and blew him away, Kooper decided to fake his way on the organ, using his piano chops. The producer wanted to erase his parts but Dylan heard them and demanded the producer turn the organ up.


  2. RTS

    Thanks Jeff, that’s an interesting bit of Dylan trivia we did not know. Always thought Kooper was an expert at every instrument — love that Dylan wanted the organ part louder. Glad he did!

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