Episode 57: The Athens scene




March 28, 2017


  • Love Tractor “I Broke My Saw” Themes From Venus (DB Recs) 1988
  • Flat Duo Jets “Jet Tone Boogie” from Athens, GA Inside Out, 1986
  • Pylon “Feast on My Heart” Gyrate (DB Recs) 1980
  • R.E.M. “Pretty Persuasion” Reckoning (I.R.S.) 1984


This the second appearance on RTS for both Kevin Goff and Dan Gursky, only one of whom grew up in Georgia.

Guadalcanal Diary.  The B-52s.

Here’s some of that documentary we were on about (that Everly Brothers bit at 7:50, yeah?)

That R.E.M. cover of Pylon’s “Crazy”:

Not this:


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