Episode 62: Jammin’ on Jeff Rosenstock




April 4, 2017


All songs by Jeff Rosenstock

  • “Festival Song” WORRY. (SideOneDummy) 2016
  • “HELLLLHOOOLLE” WORRY. (SideOneDummy) 2016
  • “Nausea” We Cool? (SideOneDummy) 2016


This is Nate Scott’s second appearance on RTS. He has rocked many a suburb.

Here’s that glittery, knifey video:

Here’s a bio done by SideOneDummy around the time of We Cool? that gives some good context on Rosenstock’s past musical activities and future directions. And speaking of SideOneDummy, here’s there artist roster. Some good stuff there, yeah?

Bomb the Music Industry! put out some some records, that’s for sure.

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