Episode 84: Record Store Day with Quartjar’s Randall Brown




May 4, 2017


  • The Claypool Lennon Delirium “Satori”¬†Lime and Limpid Green (ATO) 2017
  • The V-Roys “Lie I Believe” Just Add Ice (E-Squared) 1996
  • Quartjar “It Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time” Squatch: An Odyssey In Space and Time¬†(Moot Point) 2017
  • Quartjar “WQJR Morning Zoo”¬†Squatch: An Odyssey In Space and Time¬†(Moot Point) 2017
  • Outta Line “No Rest for the Wicked” Through Hell and High Water
  • Quartjar “All Rights and Privileges”¬†Squatch: An Odyssey In Space and Time¬†(Moot Point) 2017


Hells yeah, record stores:

Raven Records, Knoxville TN.¬†¬†Jay and Jack keepin’ in real in Knoxville, where Randall drops by and where the legend is strong.

Magnolia Records, Knoxville TN.¬†¬†Connection to the V-Roys and sounds like an up and comer in the Knoxville vinyl scene. Big doings for RSD, next year, we’re sure.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the Randall Brown Semi-Sweet Tea Recipe: 

  • 1 family size bag¬†Luzianne
  • 2 bags Bigelow Orange & Spice
  • A “Knoxville dollop” of local honey
  • Add some water and ice and stuff until it’s good and done

This is Randall Brown’s first appearance on RTS. He’s the guitar player for Quartjar, who pretty much rule. Give their latest effort a spin:

That amazing album cover, created by Andrew Pawley, www.galaxafreaks.com

The Claypool Lennon Delirium song we played on this episode is actually a cover version of a group called¬†Flower Travellin’ Band, a “Japanese rock band formed in 1970 from the remains of Yuya Uchida and The Flowers.” according to Discogs.¬†Original Japanese copies of Satori, their second album,¬†will likely cost over $100 once you pay for shipping. Which is not cheap, but it’s way less expensive than this, which is just insane.


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