Episode 83: Record Store Day with Hard Rock’s Jeff Nolan




May 3, 2017


  • The Cars “Just What I Needed” Live at the Agora, 1978 (Elektra Catalog) 2017
  • Slick Rick “Children’s Story” The Great Adventures of Slick Rick (Def Jam) 1989
  • Sgt. Barry Sadler “Salute to the Nurses” Ballads of the Green Berets (RCA) 1966
  • Pete Townshend “Stardom in Acton” All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (ATCO) 1982


Hells yeah, record stores:

East West Music, Orlando Fl.    Since 1971, where Jeff Nolan has been buying vinyl. They must have done a good job nurturing his passion, cuz he has a cool job. 

Here is the Revolutions Per Minute site that Jeff curates, edits and basically makes magical.

Here he is… again… and he’s… Adam Woodard. This episode marks the A-Dog’s 7th appearance on RTS. He’s gotta be in the lead, right?

and just because we feel like it:

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