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  • Rest in Power: Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

    Many Linkin Park fans are still in shock over the sudden passing of Chester Bennington, but there were clues in the band's music.

  • Why you should always arrive in time to see the opening act

    That ticket you paid for almost always includes more than one band, so why not get your money's worth? And oh yeah, you might discover a new favorite, like Dryjacket.

  • Episode 85: Fan Mail Friday 5

    It's an episode programmed by you, the listeners! This edition of Fan Mail Friday includes songs by Bonny Doon, Concrete Blonde, the Spice Girls with Echo & the Bunnymen (what?), the Lightning Seeds, Better Than Ezra and more. (There's even a song about poo; it was bound to happen.) Our friend Adam Woodard joins in the fun.

  • Episode 83: Record Store Day with Hard Rock’s Jeff Nolan

    Record Store Day Week continues. We talk with Jeff Nolan, music and memorabilia historian for Hard Rock International. He visited East West Records, an Orlando mom-and-pop shop he has frequented since his youth. And he left with quite the honorable purchase.

  • Episode 35: New albums we need to hear

    All good things must come to an end, and that is true too of Woodard Week. We go out with a record release party as Adam Woodard discusses the 2017 album he's anticipating (John Mayer). Jim (Dude York) and Patrick (Dirty Projectors) also make picks.

  • Episode 34: Rate-a-record with Adam, part 2!

    Yesterday, we played some Material Issue and Buck Owens for our younger friend Adam Woodard. Today he gets two more songs he's never heard, as Woodard Week reaches Day 4.

  • Episode 33: Rate-a-record with Adam

    We expose our younger friend Adam Woodard to a couple of songs he's never heard and record his reaction. Woodard Week continues.

  • Episode 32: Adam and emo

    Woodard Week continues as Adam Woodard gives the guys a lesson in the strangely named subgenre of emo.

  • Episode 31: A young man’s growing vinyl obsession

    It's Woodard Week! Our young friend Adam Woodard makes his way to the basement. On this episode, he talks about his new love of vinyl records. And we play some choice cuts from those records, of course.


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