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  • Episode 1056: Fan Mail – Live Albums

    Listeners tell us about their favorite live albums, including those by Jackson Browne, Little Feat, Sam Cooke and Warren Zevon.

  • Episode 1055: Pete Townshend and The Who, 1980-82

    Mike Wagner, a patron of the pod, picks the topic. We discuss Pete Townshend's output in the early '80s: two solo albums ("Empty Glass" and "All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes") and two albums with The Who ("Face Dances" and "It's Hard.")

  • Episode 912: Fan Mail – The Who, Pete Townshend, Wussy

    Listeners respond to our week of episodes about The Who. Mark Daniel talks about his lifelong fandom. Michael Favicchio tells us about a Who tribute song by indie band Wussy. And Dave from Kenosha calls in with his top 10 Pete Townshend solo songs (we didn't even have to ask).

  • Episode 434: Perfect Pop – English Beat

    Listener Eric Sbar picks a 1982 English Beat classic for its song-along-ability. Perfect Pop.

  • Episode 419: Music Theories – Bob Dylan, R.E.M., Pete Townshend

    Bradford Maylor joins the podcast to discuss an intricate theory he has about Bob Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man." Then Patrick discusses theories he has about R.E.M.'s "Kohoutek" and Pete Townshend's "Rough Boys."

  • Episode 270: Listener Favorites 2017 – Jason Isbell and More

    When we asked our listeners to tell us about their favorite music of 2017, one artist received the most mentions. And so we present four calls that reference Jason Isbell. Plus, a few more incredible artists get some love. Thanks for the calls, John Off, Trip Bakun, Kevin Clement and Jacques Motiff.

  • Episode 114: Echo Park Jimmy!

    It's a very special episode of Fan Mail Friday, focused on one very special fan, Echo Park Jimmy. Sit back and enjoy.

  • Episode 85: Fan Mail Friday 5

    It's an episode programmed by you, the listeners! This edition of Fan Mail Friday includes songs by Bonny Doon, Concrete Blonde, the Spice Girls with Echo & the Bunnymen (what?), the Lightning Seeds, Better Than Ezra and more. (There's even a song about poo; it was bound to happen.) Our friend Adam Woodard joins in the fun.

  • Episode 83: Record Store Day with Hard Rock’s Jeff Nolan

    Record Store Day Week continues. We talk with Jeff Nolan, music and memorabilia historian for Hard Rock International. He visited East West Records, an Orlando mom-and-pop shop he has frequented since his youth. And he left with quite the honorable purchase.


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