Episode 1055: Pete Townshend and The Who, 1980-82




February 22, 2021


  • Pete Townshend “Rough Boys” Empty Glass (Atco) 1980
  • Pete Townshend “Gonna Get Ya” Empty Glass (Atco) 1980
  • The Who “Another Tricky Day” Face Dances (Polydor, Warner Bros.) 1981
  • Pete Townshend “The Sea Refuses No River” All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (Atco) 1982
  • Pete Townshend “Slit Skirts” All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (Atco) 1982
  • The Who “Athena” It’s Hard (Polydor, Warner Bros.) 1982
  • Pete Townshend “Stardom In Action” All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (Atco) 1982


Patron and friend of the pod Mike Wagner kicks off the week with us. He picks today’s topic: Pete Townshend’s output in the early ’80s: two solo albums (Empty Glass and All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes) and two albums with The Who (Face Dances and It’s Hard).

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