Episode 114: Echo Park Jimmy!




June 16, 2017


  • Future Islands “Ran” The Far Field (4AD) 2017
  • The Shins “Mildenhall” Heartworms (Columbia/AuralĀ Apothecary) 2017


This is Dan Gursky‘s seventh appearance on Rockin’ the Suburbs. He’s like, going for a record, which is cool with us.

Whoops, sorry about that one slip, folks. Ya know, it’s just how EPJ rolls, man.

Future Islands puts out records on the 4AD label, which is quite iconic. Once someone even wrote a book about the label:

That interview with Pete Townshend, which apparently came from Jonsey’s Jukebox, a radio show hosted by Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, who happens to be the subject of an upcoming Book Nook.

You might be seeing some writing from James Petrillo on this very website, like, soon.

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