Episode 163: Fan Mail Friday: Aug. 25, 2017




August 25, 2017


  • The Rubinoos “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” Back to the Drawing Board (Beserkley Records) 1979
  • The Attractions “Arms Race” Mad About The Wrong Boy (Demon Records) 1980
  • U2 & B.B. King “When Love Comes To Town” When Love Comes To Town – Single (Island) 1989
  • The Members “Sound Of The Suburbs” At the Chelsea Nightclub (Virgin International) 1979


It’s Friday! What better way to celebrate than by reading fan mail and answering viewer questions? Join Jim and Patrick on this ‘Fan Mail Friday’ as they read letters, drink beers and listen to some great music.

For your viewing pleasure:

FUN FACT: B.B. King famously nicknamed his guitars over the years “Lucille” after a fire broke out at a dance he was performing at, in 1949, due to two men fighting over a girl of the same name. After running out of the venue to escape the flames, King realized he left his guitar inside and ran back in to retrieve it; risking his own life in the process. In his words, King began naming his guitars Lucille “to remind me never to do a thing like that again.”

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