Episode 164: Yacht Rock




August 28, 2017


  • Christopher Cross “Sailing” Christopher Cross (Warner Bros. Records) 1979
  • Steely Dan “Peg” Aja (ABC Records) 1977
  • Doobie Brothers “What a Fool Believes” Minute by Minute (Warner Bros.) 1978
  • Robbie Dupree “Steal Away” Robbie Dupree (Elektra Records) 1980
  • Pointer Sisters “He’s So Shy” Special Things (Planet Records) 1980
  • Franke and the Knockouts “Sweetheart” Franke and the Knockouts (Friday Music Two) 1981
  • Van Halen “I’m the One” Van Halen (Warner Bros. Records) 1978


Time to kick back, relax and listen to the music that created the Yacht Rock genre. Jim and Greg Wilson take over this episode of Rockin’ the Suburbs while Patrick is absent. Guest JD Ryznar from the ‘Beyond Yacht Rock’ podcast joins the show today as well.

FUN FACT: Christopher Cross did not believe that “Sailing” would be a success. On stage at the 1981 Grammy Awards, Cross thought that “the song was way too introspective.” He eventually went on to win three Grammys for the hit.

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