Episode 248: Interview – Cory Branan, Part 1




December 27, 2017


  • Cory Branan “I Only Know” Adios (Bloodshot Records) 2017
  • Cory Branan “The Vow” Adios (Bloodshot Records) 2017
  • Cory Branan “Don’t Go” Adios (Bloodshot Records) 2017
  • Cory Branan “Yeah, So What?” Adios (Bloodshot Records) 2017
  • Quartjar “All Rights And Privileges” Squatch: An Odyssey In Space and Time (Moot Point Recording Company) 2017
  • Cory Branan “Survivor Blues” Mutt (Bloodshot Records) 2012


Today is Part 1/2 of our interview with alt-country artist Cory Branan. We had the pleasure of sitting down with him backstage, and what came next was a rather fun conversation! Cory is touring in support of his latest album, Adios, on Bloodshot Records.

For more information about Cory, visit corybranan.com.

Follow Cory on Twitter @Corybranan.

Where credit is due: Thumbnail picture courtesy of Bloodshot Records.

FUN FACT: Cory’s first gig was in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was a part of a Black Sabbath cover band.

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