Episode 330: Flying Nun Records




April 23, 2018


  • The Verlaines “Joed Out” 10 O’Clock in the Afternoon (Flying Nun Records) 1984
  • The Enemy “I Wanna Die With You” Live At The Beneficiaries Hall, Dunedin (Restrainer Records) 2001
    NOTE: This performance took place in 1978.
  • Toy Love “Bride Of Frankenstein” Toy Love (WEA) 1980
  • Toy Love “Swimming Pool”  Toy Love (WEA) 1980
  • The Clean “Tally Ho” Flying Nun single, 1981
  • The Clean “Anything Could Happen” Boodle, Boodle, Boodle EP (Flying Nun Records) 1981
  • The Verlaines “You Cheat Yourself Of Everything That Moves” Dunedin Double (Flying Nun Records) 1982
  • The Chills “Kaleidoscope World” Dunedin Double (Flying Nun Records) 1982
  • Tall Dwarfs “Paul’s Place” Louis Likes His Daily Dip (Flying Nun Records) 1982


This week, Nick Scalera fills in for Jim on Rockin’ the Suburbs. You may remember him from that time he did a ‘Guest Shot’ episode back in August 2017? He talks to Patrick today about an indie record label, from New Zealand, called Flying Nun Records.

Visit their official website at flyingnun.co.nz.

Follow Nick on Twitter @nickscalera

FUN FACT: In a 2016 interview with the New Zealand Herald, Flying Nun Records founder Roger Shepard talked about why he started the label.

“I was really in love with the scene. I could see all this great music being made and wanted to get it recorded before the moment passed. The perception was that because I had a job in a record shop perhaps I knew something about the industry. “

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