Episode 364: Perfect Pop – Alvvays




June 11, 2018


  • Piramid Scheme “Bandwagon Jumping Machine” Get Rich Quick Too (Tall Short Records) 2018
  • Alvvays “Next of Kin” Alvvays (Polyvinyl Record Co.) 2014

Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo by Paul Hudson (licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license).


This week, we sit down with the band members of Piramid Scheme. If you’re a longtime listener, you might recognize members Lisa Said and Darrien Day (they’ve been on the show before)! They were kind enough to invite us to the suburbs of Maryland, where they gave us their ‘Perfect Pop’ selections. Today, we discuss the Toronto-based band Alvvays.

Piramid Scheme’s debut EP is “Get Rich Quick Too.” Visit piramidscheme.com

Follow Piramid Scheme on Twitter @piramidschemz

FUN FACT: In an interview with SPIN, the band Alvvays said that they chose the name because their original headline title, “Always,” was already taken by a group that had been signed to Sony…

“After we started playing shows as Always we found out the name was already taken by a dream pop act signed to Sony. To avoid any friction we split the ‘w’ down the middle.”

Read the rest of their interview here: https://www.spin.com/2015/03/alvvays-sxsw-interview-marry-me-archie/

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