Episode 365: Perfect Pop – The The




June 12, 2018


  • The The “The Beat(en) Generation” Mind Bomb (Epic) 1989
  • Piramid Scheme “No More, Anymore” Get Rich Quick Too (Tall Short Records) 2018

Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo of the band via The The.


‘Perfect Pop’ ft. the band Piramid Scheme continues. Drummer Andrew Toy spins a record by The The.

Piramid Scheme’s debut EP is “Get Rich Quick Too.” Visit piramidscheme.com

Follow Piramid Scheme on Twitter @piramidschemz

For your viewing pleasure:

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One Reply to “Episode 365: Perfect Pop – The The”

  1. Ted

    Re: episode 364/ TheThe: “The Beaten Generation “: Lovely tune by one of my all time fave bands although I could never decide whether this was a bit weak considering . Anyways, was it a bit of a modified skiffle or a Shuffle?

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