Top 19 Episodes of 2019

With 20 celebrity guests and contributions from more than 75 listeners, 2019 was an epic year for the “Rockin’ the Suburbs” podcast. Here are the 19 most popular episodes.

No. 1 – Mandolin Orange interview

We caught up with Americana duo Andrew Marlin and Emily Franz shortly after the release of their acclaimed album “Tides of a Teardrop.” They went on to a sold-out concert tour and national TV appearances in 2019. Call it the Suburbs Pod bump.

Nos. 2, 8, 12, 16 and 19 – Bruce Springsteen Week

Around the time that new album “Western Stars” was coming out, we took a deep dive into the Boss’ classic records (with guest contributors Mike Snider and Intern Sam Lisker). All five of those shows made the top 19, in this order: “Born in the USA,” “Born to Run,” “The River,” “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and “Nebraska.”

Episode 622: Bruce Springsteen – ‘Born in the USA’

Episode 618: Bruce Springsteen – ‘Born to Run’

Episode 620: Bruce Springsteen – ‘The River’

Episode 619: Bruce Springsteen – ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’

Episode 621: Bruce Springsteen – ‘Nebraska’

Nos. 3, 10 and 18 – Replacements Countdown

With the release of “Dead Man’s Pop,” we asked listeners to help us rank the top 15 Replacements songs. You placed three of those episodes in the top 19. Color us impressed.

Episode 667: Replacements Countdown – 15, 14, 13 …

Episode 671: Replacements Countdown – 3, 2, 1

Episode 670: Replacements Countdown – 6, 5, 4 …

Nos. 4, 5, 13 and 14 – Classic Rock in the ‘80s

Friends Rob Gates and Kevin Goff dropped by to talk about how classic rock artists responded to the changing tastes of the technicolor ‘80s. Among the old-school rockers discussed: ZZ Top, Heart, John Fogerty, Tina Turner, the Beach Boys, the Who, the Grateful Dead and Yes.

Episode 601: ’80s Classic Rock – ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Heart and More

Episode 600: ’80s Classic Rock – Moody Blues, John Fogerty, Tina Turner

Episode 599: ’80s Classic Rock – Steve Winwood, Beach Boys, Roy Orbison

Episode 603: ’80s Classic Rock – The Who, Grateful Dead, Yes, CSN

No. 6 – Paul Westerberg and Bob Mould Rarities

We define “rarities” as music not available on the major streaming services. At the time of this recording, Paul Westerberg’s “Stereo” album (perhaps his best solo effort) wasn’t there (it is now). But Bob Mould’s self-titled LP remains a ghost release.

No. 7 – Listener Favorites: Joey Dosik and the Xcerts

Every January, we showcase listener favorites from the previous year. Mackensi Crenshaw told us about the soulful singing of Joey Dosik, and Ken Wadsworth turned us on to the guitar pop of the Xcerts.

No. 9 – Book Nook: CCR, the Beastie Boys and Eric Clapton and More

Patrick reads a lot of rock books. In this episode, he talked about six of them. Six! His Kindle was overheating. In addition to the above artists, other books covered Led Zeppelin, the Circle Jerks and Robert Pollard.

No. 11 – “Exile on Main St.”

We ask the question: Would a highly regarded double album be even better as a single album? And then we try to whittle down the Rolling Stone’s classic here.

No. 15 – Perfect Albums

Part of our new patron series in which supporters of the show get to pick the topic. Barret Ries of Pittsburgh raised a provocative question: Is there such thing as a perfect album? We discuss a few possibilites, by U2, Prince, R.E.M. and the Stooges.

No. 17 – Woodstock Record Producer Andy Zax

With the release of the comprehensive new box set “Back to the Garden,” we talked with producer Andy Zax, who took on the herculean task of restoring and compiling 432 live tracks from 1969’s three days of peace and music.

Plus, our most popular online article

Remember that time we ranked every Replacements song ever released? We’re still feeling the effects of that hangover.

Thank you everyone for an amazing year. We have so much to share with you in 2020!

~ The Suburbs Pod staff

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