Episode 1795: What’s the Best Aerosmith Album?




February 6, 2024


All songs in this episode by Aerosmith.

  • “Dream On” Aerosmith (CBS) 1973
  • “Toys in the Attic” Toys in the Attic (CBS) 1975
  • “Back in the Saddle” Rocks (CBS) 1976
  • “Sweet Emotion” Toys in the Attic (CBS) 1975


In the spirit of our ’70s bracket madness, Patrick takes a dive into Aerosmith’s discography from the decade.

For your viewing pleasure…

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3 Replies to “Episode 1795: What’s the Best Aerosmith Album?”

  1. Judd Alter

    Couple of songs worth mentioning and I grew up with them from the very beginning and I’m a singer-song writer musician who knows and understands what great music is and why… I grew up at the best and if you don’t believe me check out my songs on YouTube by googling Judd Alter.
    That being said three songs that should be mentioned as a couple of their best would be Last child, Woman of the world and You see me crying.
    It’s unfortunate that every great band gets defined by a couple of songs that they play over and over again on the radio.

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