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  • Episode 760: 1984 – A Look Back

    Mike Kohli, a patron of the pod, calls in on Skype and gets to pick the topic. He wants to discuss the music of 1984, especially the alt-rock scene that included Hüsker Dü, Minutemen, the Replacements and Metallica. Jim and Patrick also make a couple of picks: Pretenders and Meat Puppets, respectively.

  • Episode 732: Hardcore in the Midwest

    All this week, our friend Hunter Bennett (of DC band Dot Dash) is sharing his love of hardcore punk. Today, we visit the Midwest and such bands as the Meatmen, the Necros, Negative Approach, Husker Du and the Zero Boys.

  • Episode 192: Fan Mail Friday: October 6, 2017

    Another Fan Mail Friday! We answer your letters and notes. Featuring music by Talking Heads, Husker Du, Kiss, R.E.M. and Filthy Friends.

  • Episode 177: Grant Hart, Rest in Power

    Grant Hart of the highly influential '80s band Hüsker Dü died on Sept. 13, 2017. We discuss his contributions to rock music.

  • Episode 174: Sugar: Copper Blue

    Bob Mould returned to the power trio 25 years ago with a new band, Sugar, and an album, "Copper Blue," that belongs up there with the best of Husker Du.

  • Episode 111: Tommy Stinson, part 2

    The epic conclusion of our hotbox interview with Tommy Stinson of Bash & Pop and the Replacements (and don't forget Guns N' Roses). We tossed some listener questions at him too.

  • Episode 10: Georgia’s favorite song of 2016

    We talk about country, with a music fan in another country. Friend of the podcast Georgia Makitalo picks her favorite song of last year and also talks about growing up in musical hotbed Minneapolis.


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