Episode 1579: Concerts in College Basketball Arenas

Patrick digs out some ticket stubs to shows he saw in college basketball arenas, including Live, 98 Degrees, Atoms for Peace and more!

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Tag: Nine Inch Nails

  • Thumbnail for Episode 876: Guest Episode – Time Signatures

    Episode 876: Guest Episode – Time Signatures

    Guest host B.J. Bonin gives us a lesson in unusual time signatures in rock music, with examples from XTC, Kitchens of Distinction, the Monkees, Broken Social Scene and more.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 135: Lollapalooza ’91

    Episode 135: Lollapalooza ’91

    On this date in 1991, a monumental rock festival staged its first show. It was Lollapalooza, then a touring circus of sorts, with Jane’s Addiction, Living Colour, Ice-T and Body Count, Butthole Surfers, Rollins Band and more drawing waves upon waves of GenXers in a glorious celebration of “alternative rock.” On this episode, we reminisce about the event. Patrick saw a show on that first tour, as did our podcast bandleader Randall Brown and some listeners.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 93: Overplayed songs (‘Freee Birrddd!’)

    Episode 93: Overplayed songs (‘Freee Birrddd!’)

    Can you get sick of a great song? We put that question to our listeners, and they offered up several examples.