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  • Episode 760: 1984 – A Look Back

    Mike Kohli, a patron of the pod, calls in on Skype and gets to pick the topic. He wants to discuss the music of 1984, especially the alt-rock scene that included Hüsker Dü, Minutemen, the Replacements and Metallica. Jim and Patrick also make a couple of picks: Pretenders and Meat Puppets, respectively.

  • Episode 173: Perfect Pop: Smiths, Neil Young, Pixies

    Our friends Bob Popik (a really important stadium DJ) and Matt Sebastian (editor of Slicing Up Eyeballs music website) make their picks for Perfect Pop songs.

  • Every song by The Smiths ranked, least to best, top to bottom

    Renowned Baltimore DJ Bob Popik counts down from 74 to 1. The ultimate ranking of songs by Morrissey, Johnny Marr and the Smiths.

  • Episode 171: Best Songs: Smiths

    Slicing Up Eyeballs, a website dedicated to '80s college rock, recently polled its readers about the best Smiths songs. Site editor Matt Sebastian joins via Skype to discuss the results, plus we play a few of our favorites. Friend Bob Popik also shares his personal ranking of the Smiths catalog. Also on the panel: Bud Verge, Rob Gates, and of course, Jim & Patrick.

  • Why ‘Pretty In Pink’ is ground zero for the college rock explosion

    A few thoughts on the soundtrack that marked the beginning of college rock appreciation for millions of fledgling music lovers.

  • Episode 109: Fan Mail Friday: June 9, 2017

    The fans email us. And hit us up on the social medias and so on. And then we collect a batch and respond to the comments over some drinks. This week, featuring songs by Hoops, the Replacements, the Clash, Chris Cornell, the Shins, the Damned and the B-52's.

  • Episode 85: Fan Mail Friday 5

    It's an episode programmed by you, the listeners! This edition of Fan Mail Friday includes songs by Bonny Doon, Concrete Blonde, the Spice Girls with Echo & the Bunnymen (what?), the Lightning Seeds, Better Than Ezra and more. (There's even a song about poo; it was bound to happen.) Our friend Adam Woodard joins in the fun.


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