Episode 86: Perfect Pop – Dusty Springfield, The Who




May 8, 2017


  • Dusty Springfield “The Look of Love” Phillips single (b-side of “Give Me Time”), June 1967
  • The Who “Baba O’Riley” Who’s Next (MCA) 1971


Ah, Perfect Pop. This is Matt Beekley’s first appearance on Rockin’ the Suburbs. Chuck Prophet appeared in a three-part interview here, here and here.

Let’s try to unpack the¬†Dusty Springfield song a little bit. “The Look of Love” was written by¬†Burt Bacharach and Hal David¬†and was first recorded for the¬†soundtrack of¬†Casino Royale¬†(not to be confused with¬†the¬†Daniel Craig-y¬†2006 version¬†) in January of 1967 with Phil Ramone producing. Bacharach was at the recording session, and prompted Dusty on her vocals at certain points, according to Ramone. This version was released on the original soundtrack recording.

Dusty cut another version of¬†the song in April of 1967 for Phillips (to whom she was under contract at the time) with John Franz producing and Reg Guest handling the arrangements. (This is the version featured¬†on this episode, though it may not have been the one Chuck was referring to, since he does mention Phil Ramone. But just so you know, we’re not quite sure either.)

For some reason, Phillips decided to only release the re-recorded version as the b-side of “Give Me Time.” Despite being the flip side, the song made the U.S. top 30 and Phillips eventually switched the songs and gave “The Look of Love” top billing on a later single.

Here’s where the song comes in during the ’67 movie – dig Peter Sellers:

And now, moving on…

Those tricky scamps The Waco Brothers once recorded a real great cover of “Baba O’Riley” because of course they did.

Patrick used to have the 8-track version of Who’s Next and that one was a ripper. Played the cartridge off of that thing, he did.

“Baba O’Riley” was going to be a real big part of the whole Lifehouse thing. Here’s some good info on what that album almost was.

Glyn Johns to the rescue, again, eh?

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